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HypnoBirthing supports the idea that birth is not something to be feared. It is a normal, physiological function that the female body is perfectly capable of doing. 

So why do so many women experience birth as traumatic and severely painful?

There is no short answer here, but one very important fact is this: the presence of any fear, conscious OR sub-conscious, is extremely detrimental to a positive birth outcome, and can lead to unnecessary pain and complications. How?

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Why Fearless Birth?

Fear or stress during labour increases stress hormones. Stress hormones mess with the hormones that are crucial to labour. For example, oxytocin triggers your surges and helps you feel good, while endorphins help you to feel good and relaxed, and are natural pain relievers that are stronger than morphine.

If your aim is a natural labour, then you want these hormones to work optimally. But stress hormones inhibit and reduce birth hormones, which causes labour to stall, and discomfort to increase. Your fight/flight response diverts oxygen rich blood away from your uterus, away from your baby, and towards other parts of your body that would help you fight or run away really fast. Your discomfort increases, while your baby goes into distress because he/she is not getting enough oxygen, and emergency interventions are introduced.

Once interventions start, labour goes down a completely different path – one that most women are not prepared to cope with. These births also often end in emergency interventions and unplanned C-sections.

Are C-sections bad? No, not at all. But unnecessary interventions that leave women feeling powerless, scared, and traumatised are not the ideal we should be aiming for. We can do better than that. I truly believe that, with the right preparation and information, birth could be better for a whole lot of women and babies.

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HB Explained

HypnoBirthing is a unique and comprehensive antenatal program that will help you achieve an easier, safer, more comfortable birth.


Course Dates

During five Pretoria-based sessions of 3 hours each, you’ll learn everything you need to prepare for a gentle, instinctive birth. Your body is so much more capable than you know!


About Your Coach

Charine is a passionate, certified HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator, and mom of two, based in Pretoria, South Africa. 



It's normal to have a lot of questions about HypnoBirthing - and that's why I've compiled a comprehensive section with some of the most commonly asked questions.


Is HypnoBirthing For Me?

Do you want to believe that your body is instinctively capable of childbirth - without it having to be the scariest, most painful experience of your life?

Do you picture yourself fearlessly bringing your baby into the world with confidence and joy?

Would you like to reduce the likelihood of traumatic and unnecessary emergency interventions?

Are you someone who enjoys questioning social convention, learning more on a continuous basis, and making up your own mind about things?

Do you value understanding all your options, and being able to advocate for yourself with confidence?

Have you had a scary or unpleasant experience with a previous birth, and are focused on having a better experience this time?

If so, then yes, HypnoBirthing is for you.

Kind Words

“The hypnobirthing course by Charine was incredibly insightful and empowering. 

I would recommend this course to all moms and partners, no matter if you are considering home birth or hospital birth.

Both birthing practitioner and information is enlightening and inspirational.

I found the course to be truly emotionally and physically empowering.”

– Rozan –

Charine Els

HypnoBirthing Practitioner

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