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When I was about 12 weeks pregnant with my first baby, I ready the HypnoBirthing book by Marie Mongan. What I read felt like truth, and really resonated with me. I was intrigued and kept searching for more evidence to back up what the book was saying.

This book combined the evidence-based science of how our thoughts affect our bodies, with techniques and information to help women overcome fear – and as a result significantly reduce their chances of experiencing common birthing complications. It clearly communicated why childbirth is mostly a natural, smooth sequence of events – if we can stay relaxed and fearless throughout.

By reading the book and completing the 5-session course, I went from someone who had always wanted a natural birth, but feared it, to someone who carefully, fearlessly made decisions that were in line with what I wanted my birthing outcomes to be – gentle, safe, positive, and empowered.

In the end, I was able to approach my babies’ births with confidence and relaxed anticipation – and it paid off.

Outcomes of this course:


The Physiology: How your body and baby are perfectly designed for gentle birth.


The Psychology: How the Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome works, and how you can overcome fear to avoid it.


Natural and chemical interventions that may come across your path, and how to decide which options are best in the moment.


Easy, practical skills for you AND your birth partner, to stay relaxed and move calmly through each stage of labour.


The mindset and techniques you need to calmly cope with the twists and turns that might present themselves in the process, and much more!


My favourite part of the HypnoBirthing Childbirth Education course, is when the parents reach the point where the evidence-based information they receive becomes so undeniable, that their fears have no choice but to subside.
At that point, all that is left is a knowing – a calm confidence that they have all the skills, information, and tools they need to have a positive birth experience.
They relax. And then comes the unbridled excitement, where they can look forward to their baby’s arrival without fear.
I wish for birth outcomes and experiences to be better. I wish for birth to be something women look forward to as much as they look forward to their wedding day – and I wish for them to put JUST as much preparation into it! I wish for parents to feel like they have ALL the information they needed, to be part of the decision making process when it comes to their own babies’ births.
But wishing is not enough – and so I am teaching parents what they need to know, to make childbirth and the newborn phase better, one beautiful birth at a time.

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