What Is HypnoBirthing?

HypnoBirthing supports the idea that birth is not something to be feared. In stead, it’s a natural, normal, physiological function that the female body is perfectly capable of doing in a vast majority of women. As such, it shouldn’t be something that is, by default, painful.

It is actually the fear of pain itself that leads to so many women experiencing extreme pain during labour and birth. In fact, the presence of any fear, conscious OR sub-conscious, is extremely detrimental to a positive birth outcome, and can lead to unnecessary pain and complications.

Fear or stress during labour causes tension, and tension causes pain, which in turn causes more pain.

This is me about an hour before my second baby was born. HypnoBirthing for the win!


Fear triggers your Fight, Flight, or Freeze response, releasing stress hormones that cause labor to slow down or pause. This in itself is also a completely normal occurrence in mammals. If your body detects fear, it concludes that you are not in a safe environment, and that circumstances are not ideal for your baby to be born at the time. So it very cleverly and intuitively stalls labour, to resume it again when the mother is more relaxed.

A ‘stalled’ labour, or ‘Failure To Progress’ is in most cases no reason for intervention. It is usually simply a mom who felt uneasy, was disturbed, momentarily overwhelmed, or needed a moment to relax.

Information Before Interventions

Unfortunately, if in an environment where this normal physiological response is not respected, understood, or supported, unnecessary interventions all-too-often make their appearance. The birthing mother is often offered synthetic substances to ‘get things moving’ again. If the mother doesn’t understand why her body is taking a breather, she might feel insecure, and unsure of what is going on. Is her baby in danger? Why has her contractions stopped? The interventions sounds innocent and helpful. She accepts the offer, grateful for the friendly and reassuring help she is receiving.

At this point, your body’s natural stress hormones are in direct conflict with the synthetic drugs being administered. One set of birthing muscles in the uterus has decided to pause until the mother feels safe again. The other set is being synthetically stimulated to contract. These two sets of muscles are supposed to work in harmony, but are now working in direct opposition to each other. On top of that, the fight/flight state she is still emotionally in, reroutes blood from the uterus, to organs and muscles that will aid in survival. This means that baby is gettin gless oxygen, AND that the uterine muscles have to do their jobs with less oxygen. The result? Considerable pain – sometimes more than the mother can handle.

In a cascade of interventions, more drugs are then administered to assist with pain management. The mother has to be hooked up to various drips and devices to monitor her reaction to the drugs. Her options of natural movement are thereby diminished, which has a direct effect on her comfort levels.  The potent, natural pain-killing hormones that would have been released in her body if she would have been helped to relax, are now overridden with stress hormones.

Undisturbed Labor Is Generally Easier On Babies

The more pain and discomfort the mother experiences, the more her labour shuts down. The forced contractions put unnecessary stress on the baby. Her baby, also now robbed of the mother’s feel-good hormones that would have flooded his or her little body during labour, feels the stress. Instead of being met with muscles that relax and unfold, clearing a softly lined birth path for baby to descend into, each contraction now pushes the baby up against an unrelenting wall. Distressed babies mean emergency interventions, and will very likely be the ultimate reason for an emergency cesarean.

Upright, forward leaning position, relaxed hands and jaw, while doing calm and surge breathing.

Knowledge Is The Antidote To Fear

Do I share this information to scare you? No. Absolutely not. I share this so you can recognise and understand where and why so many intended natural births, end up being traumatic, painful events.

I share this because many women really want to have a natural birth, but have learned to fear birth. We’ve learned to fear something we are fully capable of doing comfortably, because of the traumatic stories other women tell us. The overly dramatised labour scenes shown on TV has subconsciously formed a picture in our minds of what childbirth looks like, and it’s not a pretty picture. It’s scary. It’s also inaccurate. But once we become aware of this programming, we can change it.

I also share this information so mothers can understand that they are not powerless when it comes to birth. When you understand your body, your hormones, your muscles, your baby’s instincts, and how they work together in birth, you have ALL the power. Accurate knowledge and understanding of birth is what will eradicate your fear. It is this knowledge that will empower you to make decisions to support your innate birthing process as best you can. With the necessary knowledge, you will be able to confidently make informed decisions when interventions are offered. And the result? A safer, more comfortable, gentle and positive birth experience.

What Is HypnoBirthing,

And Is It The Answer?

In all honesty, and in my personal experience and opinion? A resounding yes.

HypnoBirthing is a packaging of all the information you’ll need to understand how your body works, and how you can work with it to achieve a positive, safer, more comfortable birth.

You’ll learn which crucial hormones are in play for birth to unfold optimally, naturally, and relatively comfortably. You’ll also learn how to maintain the levels of these birth-friendly hormones with breathing and relaxation techniques.

Relaxed hands, calmly focused on breathing.

You’ll be given affirmations and relaxation exercises that will benefit you during pregnancy, labour, breastfeeding, and in years to come. These exercises will play a crucial part in rewriting the inaccurate beliefs you have of what natural birth looks like.

We will use hypnosis and self-hypnosis to successfully rewrite the negative, fear inducing beliefs in you sub-conscious. During the 5 week course, we will ever-so-gently, yet purposefully, overwrite negative beliefs with evidence based facts, positive birth visuals, and affirmations. This is done in a relaxed group setting (no chanting or ‘ohms’, I promise), or in private sessions.

The result is that you will get to a point where birth simply doesn’t scare you anymore. You will get it. You will understand your own power, and most likely look forward to your birth and the opportunity to see your own baby’s birth unfold in its own unique way.

The Hypnosis Part Makes Me Uncomfortable…

I get it. HYPNO-birthing sounds weird. Like it was meant for flowerchildren and hippies. I promise you, the weirdest thing about it, is the name. Let me explain.

We have a very inaccurate idea of hypnosis in general – probably due to popular TV and stage shows, where a very entertaining hypnotist controls volunteers, and gets them to cluck like chickens, before he snaps his fingers and they forget it ever happened.

Oi vey… Hypnotherapy is so much more NORMAL than that!

I’ll explain. We all cycle through various distinct states of consciousness every day. Our brainwaves change according to what we’re doing and feeling, moving seamlessly through the various ranges. Your slower brainwaves, for example, are dominant right before you nod off to sleep, when you’re tired and dreamy. In contrast, your higher frequencies are dominant when you are on the go and alert.

Everyday Capabilities, Purposefully Applied

It’s so normal to move through these ranges, that you do it on your own, every day, without knowing it. What you also might not know is that you can purposefully move to a specific range to induce the feeling that comes with it. For example, the alpha brainwaves are dominant when you are focused on being in the ‘now’ and fully present. It is the resting state for the brain, aiding calmness, alertness, and mind/body integration.

The techniques you will learn are simple aids to help you move to that range (and even deeper) on purpose. Calmness, alertness, mind/body integration… now that’s the state of mind you want to be in when you’re having your baby. Labour-inhibiting stress hormones, be gone!


I sincerely hope that this information will be helpful to you. You can hop over to the Frequently Asked Questions if you like, OR you can email me any day. Honestly, get in touch, ask me ANY question you have. I won’t expect you to sign up for the course, and I won’t badger you with a bunch of targeted, sales-y follow-up emails and calls.

I am here to help – so if you have a question, need advice, or need me to clarify anything for you, send me an email now.

Love and hugs,